Keeping schools, colleges, and universities clean does more than just make the floors shine. These buildings see a large amount of foot traffic during the days classes are in session, and that quickly leads to buildup of dirt and other debris. A dirty school can actually be distracting for students, especially if there are odd smells that waft through the classrooms. If you’re in need of a new cleaning team to handle your school or university cleaning tasks, you’ve come to the right place. Green Facility, Inc. understands what it takes to create a clean learning environment for your students.


Challenges of Cleaning a School

We understand that cleaning a school requires more than just emptying the trash in each classroom and mopping down the floors. In fact, a school is one of the more complex cleaning jobs we take on because it can combine the cleaning tasks of a large retail store, a restaurant, and a laboratory.

Cleaning classrooms is similar to cleaning retail stores – the floors need cleaned, the windows wiped down, and any shelves dusted. We also understand that sometimes classrooms need deep cleaning – the chalkboards or dry erase boards need thoroughly cleaned, the desks and tables need wiped down, and other tasks need done. This is often the case right before school starts.

But almost every school also has a cafeteria. These areas have to be cleaned much more thoroughly, especially the kitchen where food is prepared. This part of the school requires more cleaning and more care. We offer full cafeteria and kitchen cleaning services to every school we work with.

Finally, many schools offer chemistry and other lab courses. These areas of the school also require deep cleaning. It’s possible chemicals or other liquids may have been spilled in the area. We make certain to clean every inch of these spaces so that no chemicals sit on the floor or table for an extended period of time. If our team is alerted that a spill occurred, we can even take extra precautions when cleaning that area to make certain that the spill is dealt with correctly.

Customized Cleaning Solutions

We will work with you to create a customized cleaning plan for your K-12 school, Colleges and Universities, no matter how small or large it is. Our team is flexible in size, so we can handle everything from an elementary school contained within one building to a university campus with dozens of facilities.

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