Multi-Tenant Buildings

Multi-tenant buildings are often found in downtown areas and other commercial zones. While some multi-tenant buildings do feature retail stores, others are home to offices. Some contain both, while others may add doctor’s offices or dental offices to the mix. The more businesses in one of these building and the more different types of businesses there add to the complexity of cleaning. Our team has experience cleaning these multi-tenant buildings, and we know how to adjust our cleaning methods and services to meet your unique needs.


How We Clean Multi-Tenant Buildings

We understand that there are many different factors involved in cleaning multi-tenant commercial buildings. Some of the tenants may have their own cleaning staff. Some may want our team to clean their space as well as the main spaces. Others may only need us occasionally. Working out these schedules and what each tenant requires isn’t simple, but we’ve got the experience needed to handle this task.

One of the factors that allows us to assist so many different types of clients is our flexibility. We can grow or shrink our team depending on your needs. For standard cleaning, we’ll put together a staff that has the experience and skills needed to complete everything you’ve asked us to do in a reasonable time. If you’ve had a disaster or need to really get your building in shape to impress potential new renters, we can add additional crewmembers to the team and have them provide more rigorous services. It’s all up to what you need.

Working with Your Tenants

Some of your tenants may require our services, too. In some cases, we might negotiate a separate contract with them. In other cases, you might have already included our cleaning services in the rental agreement with each client. We’re happy to work with either option. If you need us to provide cleaning services to all of your tenants, we’ll work with each to make certain that we’re doing exactly what they need. This includes sending in specialized cleaners to handle areas such as food preparation spaces and areas that may require the cleaning of hazardous substances.

Of course, we’ll always take care of your needs. We will make certain the halls and common spaces in your building are cleaned, including sweeping, washing the windows, and emptying the trash. We’ll also vacuum if you have carpet, clean the restrooms, and more. Just let us know what you need.

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