Car Dealerships

At a car dealership, perception is everything. The buildings on dealership lots usually feature a lot of glass and sparkling white floors that reflect the amazing vehicles parked on them. While the focus is on the cars, the overall impression just wouldn’t be the same if the windows were smudged or if the floor wasn’t clean. Here at Green Facility, Inc. we understand that a dealership has unique cleaning needs that must be met. We’re ready to meet these challenges and any other need you may have in order to keep your car dealership in Florida looking outstanding.


Why Is Cleaning Important to a Dealership?

A dealership relies on presentation and reputation. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Many people’s first impression of a dealership is the outside lot, and conditions there are often out of your control. This means your dealership office has to be perfect to make up for any incredibly hot day, rainstorm, or heavy wind.

When someone walks into the showroom floor, it needs to blow them away. That’s why most dealerships have their newest and most impressive vehicles right up front. You want your large windows to bring in as much natural light as possible so that the paint jobs on these vehicles really shine and sparkle.

The floor also has to be impeccable. Many dealerships use bright white flooring to reflect the light up at the vehicles, so it’s vital that the tiles be mopped and waxed on a regular basis. If they’re not, you’ll lose the reflective shine. Since dealership floors can see hundreds of people walking across them on a daily basis, they will need professionals to take care of them.

But the Offices Are Important, Too

While the showroom floor is where that vital first impression is made, deals are made and closed in the office. That means these areas need to be just as clean and kept up. Our cleaning crew will make certain that the garbage is emptied, the floors are vacuumed, the shelves are dusted, and anything else you need done to make sure these spaces are just as clean as the front area. Our team can clean every part of your car dealership from the front windows to the back hallway and everything in between!

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